Broken Chains

Have you ever heard it said that the Church is a like a hospital for broken people? It is true that we all have issues. None of us are perfect, which is why we need the Church so we can heal, be delivered and set free.

We are so busy and bogged down with our own issues that we oftentimes fail to see the need or the hurt of those around us. So getting set free is not just for us but it also enables us to minister to others and whether you see yourself in ministry or not, we are all called to witness to people.

So what does it mean to be set free?

The Bible tells us in John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” The word “free” here is actually two different words in the Greek. The first one is eleutheroō, a verb that means to make free, deliver, set at liberty: from the dominion of sin.

That is what Jesus does for us.

The second time it is used in that verse it’s an adjective, eleutheros, meaning free, freeborn, one who is not a slave, one who ceases to be a slave, freed, free, exempt, unrestrained.

This describes us after Jesus sets us free. Great news, right?

However most of us don’t really walk in the freedom that Christ gave us. Due to circumstances, situations, past relationships and a wide variety of other reasons, we walk around wounded, hurt, and mentally, emotionally, and spiritually crippled.

That is not how Jesus wants us to live our lives.


We call Him the Chainbreaker and we sing songs about the power in the name of Jesus. We talk about how He sets the captives free, but for some reason we almost refuse to walk in that freedom.

Earlier this year during a worship service at a ministry conference I saw chains bursting. They didn’t just break and fall down but they burst towards the outside into a bunch of little pieces. Even the links were broken.

As soon as I watched those chains break I heard rattling of chains, making me feel like whatever just broke was about to be back. At that point the Holy Spirit started speaking to me that the enemy doesn’t have that power because of John 8:26 – free indeed!

The rattling of the chains however makes us afraid that we really just can’t overcome whatever it is that is holding us in bondage. Let me remind you that the only way the enemy can put you in those broken chains again is if you let him!

Whatever circumstance, situation or sin issue you just walked out of, you do NOT have to go back into. Jesus took care of that for you.

Does that mean it’s always easy? No. But Jesus made a way for you and since the Bible promises us that He will never leave us nor forsake us, you don’t have to be afraid because He will walk this out with you.

So don’t let the enemy fool you. You have been set free by Jesus and you don’t have to walk in bondage anymore!

Don’t leave your Blessings on the Table

Have you ever wondered why some people appear to have more luck than others? There is always this one person that, no matter the circumstances, will always come out on top and things just seem to magically fall into place for them, while the rest of us seem to struggle quite a bit more with what life has to offer.

So is life just not fair or is there more to this?

What if I told you that you are leaving God’s blessings for you on the table all the time?

There are thousands of promises in the Word of God, but what are you really seeing in your own life?

During my prayer time with God the other day I kept asking for more. I wanted more of Jesus. I wanted everything He has for me. Every blessing. Every promise. Every gift. All the provision. I kept asking for it and asking for more of Jesus. A deeper understanding, more revelation, a closer and more intimate relationship. One phrase I said over and over again stood out to me: “Jesus, I don’t want to leave anything on the table.”

That’s when Jesus took me into a vision where I saw a huge table. It was filled to the point of overflowing with the most amazing things. It was a feast and I knew that what I was seeing was a table filled with all the promises of God, all the blessings, all the gifts and all the provision and it was all for me. All I had to do with reach out and take it.

But before I was able to do so the table grew taller, or maybe I grew smaller, either way I was barely able to see the top of the table, much less everything that was laid out on top of it. And since I couldn’t see anything that far up, my eyes began to focus on what was on the ground in front of me instead. There really wasn’t much, a few crumbs here and there but nothing that even remotely resembled the feast on top of the table.


In my Spirit I knew what had happened. My expectations were so low that all I could see was what was on the ground in front of me, not what was high up on that table. My expectations were simply not high enough and so I was missing out on all the wonderful things that Jesus had laid out for me.

Then my view changed again and I was once again looking at the feast on the table. I knew I could take it because Jesus died for me to have these things (John10:10) . It was already mine, I just had to reach out and grab it. But every time I tried, I heard a voice telling me that those things were not for me. I was not good enough. I was a sinner and didn’t deserve these things. Those were only for the good people, those who pleased God, but not for me.

The devil was working hard to keep me from my promises and blessings by lying to me and it was working. Remember that he is the father of lies (John 8:44). Don’t allow him to steal from you. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy” (John 10:10).

Once again my view changed and this time I was standing right in front of the table and it would’ve been so easy to reach out and grab a hold of the promises, the blessings, the gifts and to satisfy my hunger but I kept stopping myself, telling myself that I was not worthy, that I didn’t deserve it.

So there are two options here.

First, I was acting too religious so to speak, not wanting to be selfish and staying humble. Those are good things, right?

Yes, but not if it is something I am doing to appear more spiritual to others than I really am.

At this point I was thinking about my children and how I would do anything for them. How I enjoy to bless them. My husband and I work hard to provide for our children. How would it make me feel if I laid everything out for them but they wouldn’t take it because they worried to much about what somebody else might think of them.

I think I would be pretty upset. Insulted even. It’s a good thing that I’m not God!

But it still made me wonder how it makes God feel, when we keep telling Him that we are not worthy of His blessings to us.

Of course we are not worthy. That was plain obvious back in the Garden. And no matter how hard we try we will always fall short. On our own we will never ever be worthy of anything God has to offer and He knew that so He came up with a plan to send His only Son to die for us so that through His sacrifice, through His precious Blood we would be justified (see Romans 5:8-9).

So what are we saying then? That His Blood wasn’t enough to make us righteous? Because even the tiniest drop of His Blood that was spilled for us is not just enough but it is the only thing that could ever make us be worthy because God no longer looks at us and sees a sinner, but He looks at us and sees a child that was reconciled to Him by the Blood of Jesus (see Romans 5:10).

But there is also a second option. Maybe we really don’t think we deserve God’s goodness because we have an identity problem. Maybe we just don’t understand who we are and what authority has been given to us.

I sometimes think that in our modern western societies we have lost a lot of understanding. Things like authority are somehow strange to us.

Back in medieval times for example, if I was a servant of a king, who sent me on a mission, he might have given me his ring. This ring represented his authority so if I ran into trouble, I could’ve presented that ring and it would’ve helped me, provided for me, opened doors for me and granted me safe passage (in most cases at least), because I was coming in the name of the king.

Here is another way to look at it. Let’s say you come from a rich and influential family, just the mention of your father’s name might give you favor with decision makers when you’re looking for a job, it might get you into a fancy school or allow you to go on a shopping spree and put everything you buy on daddy’s tab.

Well, you ARE the child of a King and you have a name that you can use when you need it. You walk in the authority of a child of God and “at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;” (Philippians 2:10-11).

So raise your expectations, tell the devil he’s a liar, walk in your authority and stop leaving promises, blessings, gifts and provision on the table!